What it’s like being in an online class

This was my experience taking an online course and to be completely honest with you, I had no idea what to expect. I was unsure about how much face time and communication I would have with my classmates and teacher but overall the class was a very great experience. So for this blog I wanted to share with you what to expect if you ever want to take an online class. What I learned from this class was exploring new web sites like this one or giphy, that could really help throughout life and helps express my creativity. I think it’s a great idea for school students to take this course because this class really teaches you how to be independent which you will need throughout your life because you won’t always have a teacher there to guide you . As we all know, an average high school student has a lot on there plate. Extracurriculars, AP classes, and a social life. I believe that an online class gives a student a more flexible working environment and allows the student to do other things in that time frame where they would have class. For me, this class was very convenient for me because I am on the basketball team at school which takes a lot of time out of me so I use the time that would be enlgish to work on my homework and make sure I was caught up  in all my other classes. One thing that I would really like was more facetime with the teacher. I know it’s an online class but having a teacher there to help with what you need a little whether it’s two days a week meetings or more would have been helpful but overall the class is great. In my opinion I think is taking only one online class is perfect. Taking more than that might be a little much because you’re not getting the full high school experience. I believe if your current situation in life means taking more than one online class I say do it but try to avoid it. I think it’s also less stressful. I had a great teacher that understood that we all have busy schedules and he would allow us to turn things in a couple days late. This really relieved the amount of stress because if I had a game or too much homework one night, I knew that I would be able to finish my English homework at a later day. I disagree with teachers who say it doesn’t help with our social skills. In today’s world the internet is basically our society. Knowing how to communicate with people through various social medias is very important. I really saw no difference in my social skills because when we did have class I was still able to meet new people. Also, my teacher would have do activities that would help us get to know each other a little more. One last thing I would like to say is for future students thinking about taking an online course is make sure you stay on top of all your assignments because it’s very hard to catch up later in the semester. I know it may look like a class that’s very relaxing but once you fall behind its hard to bounce back. Thank you for reading my blog post and have a great summer!



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